left to right: Stephan Bachmann, DAAily Plattform / Adrian Berchtold, Ruckstuhl / Designer Stephan Hürlemann

Heads behind


The Ruckstuhl manufactory was founded in 1881 in Langenthal, Switzerland. Since its beginnings, the company has processed renewable raw materials into long-lasting carpets with craftsmanship and dedication. The inventive spirit and intuition with which Ruckstuhl combines traditional craftsmanship with state-of-the-art technologies have earned Ruckstuhl a worldwide reputation in the architecture and design scene. The natural fibres used by Ruckstuhl are precious raw materials taken from living nature. To this day, Ruckstuhl therefore struggles for ecological consistency and engages intensively with this topic – from the generation of ideas to the end of the cycle.


Stephan Hürlemann

The Swiss architect and designer combines creativity with strategy to support companies and people with their transformation. In his studio in Zurich, he researches future topics, develops architectural environments, furniture, products and installations and also rethinks rituals, services and processes together with his team of 15 people. With his innovative concepts he strives to help brands and individuals move into a sustainable future in a self-determined and graceful way. His vision is a world in which people, nature and objects are in balance.


DAAily platforms

DAAily platforms brings together the world‘s three leading platforms for architecture and design: Designboom, Architonic and ArchDaily. Every year, over 270 million members of the architecture and design scene use and enrich the most influential online magazine, the best curated product database and the most visited architecture platform. The vision of DAAily platforms is to inspire creative minds, connect matching partners and support sustainable projects to create better living environments for all.


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