„I was looking for a design concept that combines individuality with togetherness.“

Stephan Hürlemann, designer

One of a kind

Stephan Hürlemann has developed a design concept that can be used to create countless unique rugs that are all part of a collective: the Fellow rugs.

The concept is based on a collection of 14 colours and five rectangles, which represent the smallest design elements. Each of the rectangles is composed of one or two coloured areas. Different combinations of colours and rectangles result in numerous patterns. Adjacent areas of the same colour visually merge with each other. With these design elements as building blocks, Stephan Hürlemann created five worlds with different moods that are reminiscent of city maps, topographic maps or pixel graphics.

The rugs come in five different shapes to make them as versatile as possible: 1 square, 1 circle and 3 rectangles (1:1.33 | 1:1.5 | 1:4.5). Using these shapes, Hürlemann set out to find interesting sections and colour combinations in his worlds of shape and colour. The result are 75 carpet pictures with different character - from colourful to monochrome, from dark to cheerful, from calm to lively. Each Fellow is recognisable as a part of its world and related to other Fellows through its building blocks.

Carpet names

The individual rugs are named according to certain rules, with the scientific naming system for animals in Latin serving as a model. The names consist of genus and species. For Fellow, the genus is Tapetum (rug) and the species name refers to the world (graphic) from which the carpet originates (fluviale, ordinatum, arvale, viaticum and urbanum). The result is, for example, FELLOW Tapetum fluviale.

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